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Dharma Wheel
If someone could make this Dharma Wheel, it's a Buddhist symbol, it would be greatly appreciated! T
2 lostflight2 1961 last month
by Momocchi
Spain flag
Please guys, is anyone has this pattern, i cant find this in internet :( can u help me?
8 Vi4e4Ga 1637 last month
by Celicia
Wish: Ghost pattern Kumihimo
Hello! I am new here :) I was looking for a Ghost Kumihimo pattern, 20 strings or less I tried d
2 burdnerd 213 last month
by halokiwi
Help generating word pattern!
Hello. I want to make a pattern with words. I want to make a total of two patterns with gold letters
2 Dingbin 172 last month
by Dingbin
Looking for a bunny/carrot pattern
If anyone has seen a cute bunny face(?) pattern or a carrot pattern where the carrot is horizontal i
6 moogie8625 376 last month
by halokiwi
Unicorn pattern
Hi I can't find any 10 string 5 color normal pattern can someone help?
16 wildrose9 790 2 months ago
by wildrose9
Celtic Triquetra pattern
Does anyone have a NORMAL pattern of a celtic triquetra like this one?: "https://es.wikipedia.or
7 Hols 474 3 months ago
by Hols
i cant find this pattern anywhere, please help!
3 mimipo 245 3 months ago
by kleinevos
help me find this pattern
I saw this pattern on an instagram story and I would like to find the pattern number so pls help me
2 bouh 296 3 months ago
by bouh
Help generating a basket pattern!
Hi folks, I would like to make a bracelet for a friend who is a member of the Pomo tribe inspired by
4 adryonsk 412 3 months ago
by halokiwi

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