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Plz help to make a pattern of the Congolese flag.
Hey I need help to make a pattern of the Congolese flag and i?m not having any luck. Been trying fo
4 Soulja 762 last year
by kleinevos
please help me with this pattern!
I found this on Pinterest, and think this is amazing! does anyone have any idea on how to make it??
5 artesanowl 684 last year
by xier
An alternating/mismatched Chevron pattern?
Hi all! Has anyone seen a pattern for a Chevron where the colors are "mismatched?" Not sure how best
5 LilFleur 1623 last year
by kleinevos
Pot leaf pattern
Can someone show me how to make a pot leaf patterned bracelet using 2 colors
1 Trishalicious 614 last year
by kleinevos
Looking for several patterns
The first pattern is called cylinder, you can easily find it with google, but the instructions rely
8 janelane 1220 last year
by janelane
'Square' shaped bracelet.
Hey! I would really like to know how to make this bracelet; https://www.instagram.com/p/BngNeEInMz
2 Sabine0911 587 last year
by Sabine0911
Help me explore
Hello, Knotters! I'm new to this site and to making friendship bracelets. I have two new stepdaugh
1 RazzleDazzle 613 last year
by EdBlair
This is us
This is my first time requesting a pattern, I'd really like a This is Us(tv show) pattern. My mom lo
0 FalynneLeigh15 484 last year
by FalynneLeigh15
Looking for a thinner Burburry plaid pattern
Hi all! Has anyone ever seen a Burberry pattern that's a bit thinner than the one in pattern 60488?
2 LilFleur 741 last year
by LilFleur
Kaonashi (No Face) From Spirited Away
Hello, I'm looking for a normal pattern representing Kaonashi's face (or... mask? I guess he's calle
8 LilySpider 1159 last year
by kleinevos

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