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I Need to find a pattern.
Hey, I saw a beautiful models of bracelets. Can someone help me to find patterns? 1. https://orig
4 Flore 708 last year
by Flore
Kimi no nawa (your name) bracelet
Hey everyone, i was wondering if someone can please make a pattern of the Kimi no nawa bracelet, its
3 GreciiaMora 1059 last year
by GreciiaMora
Don?t find a pattern
I?m searching for the pattern of the 13th bracelet that _azclaire shows on her Instagram account. ht
2 Coussinetta 585 last year
by Coussinetta
Alternating Leaves Pattern
Is it possible to create the Alternating Leaves Pattern with the Generator? This is a lovely pattern
1 Skuhn 504 last year
by kleinevos
Help me find a pattern
I need help finding the pattern for the 1st bracelet in the picture. I found one similar but I want
4 eds 603 last year
by frenchie63
I need help finding a pattern
Can someone help me find the pattern for the 10th bracelet in this photo? Thanks! https://www.pinter
2 eds 539 last year
by eds
What's the pattern??
Can someone please help me find the pattern for the 7th bracelet in this picture? Thank you so much!
2 eds 439 last year
by eds
Help find a pattern
Can someone please help me find a pattern for the 5th bracelet in this picture? Thanks so much! http
2 eds 426 last year
by eds
Help finding a pattern please!:(
I had a handmade bracelet from an old friend years ago and it fell off and now I need help to find t
1 Emaunsell 441 last year
by kleinevos
Need help finding a pattern
I saw a beautiful bracelet on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/p/BR80lh6AuGH/?taken-by=mastersk
3 Odanak1811 556 last year
by Dai

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