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COD zombies inspired alphas?
I have a teenager obsessed with the Summoning Stone and the Apothicon (sp?). Does anyone have a patt
2 Scrapmom 310 4 months ago
by halokiwi
aesthetic normal patterns (strings up to 14 pls) tysm!
im looking for aesthetic patterns to make
1 ceren 342 4 months ago
by koalagirl_30
Normal tomato pattern
I'm new in the world of bracelet and I want to make an bracelet using a normal pattern but i don't h
2 Kitri 286 4 months ago
by Kitri
Supernatural-Themed Bracelets
Can anyone do some SPN based designs like the anti-possession symbol or the mark of Cain or Cas's co
5 Morsandoral 527 5 months ago
by Morsandoral
Eye of Evil
I really want to make an eye of an evil friendship bracelet. A simple eye will do as well.
2 ArstyAri 421 5 months ago
by kleinevos
Looking for pattern (with image)
Hello, I am looking for this kind of pattern, I've been searching but cant find it anywhere. If some
1 odigamez 377 7 months ago
by halokiwi
Much Needed Pattern
Hi! genevaschool.org - scroll to bottom, you will see a knight with a G logo under his helmet. You
0 Pelican 233 7 months ago
by Pelican
Sin encerar
Hola quiciera un patrón que fuera para un pulso en pareja me podrían ayudar
8 Dinamita 525 7 months ago
by Dinamita
Lilo dress leaves pattern
Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me creating an alpha pattern with leaves like Lilo (from Li
5 Dai 1266 8 months ago
by Dai
Wish patterns for a pokemon
I want to make pokemon but I can't find any of Buizel. I really would love it! If possible can it be
0 Cllou 322 8 months ago
by Cllou

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