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I lost a friendship bracelet from my best friend and haven't had the heart to tell her. If anyone is
2 kylablenn 109 3 days ago
by zoeyllm
Need this pattern please
Hello, I've been looking for this pattern for long https://imgur.com/RUzNNeq
3 Amoora27 137 12 days ago
by kleinevos
Wheaton College MA Mascot (Lyon) Template
Hi! I love making bracelets and want to make one for the college I will be attending in the fall, (W
1 sofknopf14 50 13 days ago
by kleinevos
Mutiple bracelet flower/star thing
I used to be on this site a lot like 7 years ago and back then i found a tutorial video of this thin
3 Circe 137 14 days ago
by Circe
Mayan Azucar friendship bracelet
Hi I am trying to find this pattern it has the holes in the bracelet if you know what I mean and I h
4 Allie7950 78 14 days ago
by kleinevos
Help finding a pattern please <3
Could anyone please help me find this pattern, I’ve been looking for it for a while. Thanks in advan
3 SofiaKuri 148 29 days ago
by Wa123
Can anyone help me find/create this pattern?
Is it possible for us to drop a picture so maybe someone can help us to find the pattern? I wanted t
4 Walkigoons 144 last month
by Walkigoons
Swiss Flag Key Ring
I have seen the Swiss flag bracelet but Im wanting to make one in a key ring for a guy. I’ve never c
2 LadyArucard 98 last month
by LadyArucard
OSU pattern
Hello I am in need of a normal pattern of Oklahoma State University (OSU) logo using white, orange,
1 Roza23 75 last month
by kleinevos
Hola estoy buscando patrones de pulseras con notas musicales no con tantos hilos
1 Fmaria 63 last month
by Celicia

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