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Mady383 wrote last month

Hi, In the desciption of one of my designs is written "This pattern is chosen for the Chain Knotting Game, #255 ". Where can I find this game?Thanks.

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Nick wrote last month

Private message.

alexkiri wrote last month

puedo hacer una pulsera con nombre, usando un hilo un poco mas grueso que el otro?

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Peter@74 wrote last month

Alguien puede ayudarme con el patrón de pulseras franja diagonal de dos colores porfa estoy buscando y hay de tres colores en adelante

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halokiwi wrote last month

Scoubidou bracelets I was wondering if there already is a tutorial on how to do Scoubidou bracelets on this page. When I search for the term Scoubidou nothing comes up. But maybe it is just here under a different name. If there isn't a tutorial yet I would like to write one. If there is maybe I could add some things to it.

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