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mmm_guacamole wrote 5 months ago

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Cerulean Cephalopod wrote 5 months ago

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Rob wrote 5 months ago

Thank you for this forum!!! I needed to make my new bracelet permanent, and this forum gave me some wonderful ideas :) Thank you!! Have a great day today!

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kleinevos wrote 5 months ago

Admin message: Lately we have had several questions from people about the use of our patterns for a book, a workshop, a course, etc. We can answer you all one by one, but please make an account so we can communicate via PM! To answer all of these people in short: Please read our TOU. Our patterns can be used for free by anyone, they cannot be used commercially. Meaning that you can use them in workshops if you clearly state where they came from, with the friendship-bracelets.net mark still on the patterns. You can never ask money for the patterns! So you cannot use them in a book. You can use them on a website if you attach a link to our website. I hope this answers most questions!

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Lenette Meyer wrote 5 months ago

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