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Celicia wrote 4 months ago

Hi all! From now on we have in the patterns section (normal and apha) the possibility of searching for "patterns without photos". Also, the correct amount of photos uploaded is now displayed in each pattern.

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Harry_Potter2 wrote 4 months ago

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Zaxamali wrote 4 months ago

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wallylok wrote 5 months ago

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Chubby_Turtle2 wrote 5 months ago

So I've made a handful of pretty time-consuming bracelets (25-30 strings) and I always intend on wearing them when I'm done but then I get too scared to because it's almost like a piece of artwork to me and I don't want it to get them dirty. I feel like the whole point is to make a beautiful bracelet to wear but then I just end up storing them away. Does anyone else feel this way? or does anyone have any advice for how to get over this?

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