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Here you can write what you think about the site, or what you think could be better. Or just say hi. Write anything you like, I like getting feedback!

Magalie wrote 6 days ago

Bonjour, Je ne peux pas rechercher les numéros de pattern depuis quelques jours. Merci.

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Stradivari wrote 6 days ago

Quite happy that this website still exists. BB seems like the main thing that the new generation of bracelet makers are on, but I've been on this site since I was young and am very happy it's stuck around. <3

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sbina86 wrote 7 days ago

Private message.

dianis wrote 8 days ago

I really like the way the photos the bracelets look.

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Siurell wrote 8 days ago

Hi everyone. I must express my protest about the change in the generator it look a kind of cauliflower and the corrections are not easy. Please change the look of the band or leave the old system. Thank you

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