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Mylo wrote 2 months ago

Hey. Is it possible to change colours in pattern scheme here and see how pattern would look with your chosen colours?

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Amanda Dull wrote 2 months ago

When you start the bracelet how tight should you make the knot at the top?

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JpegIzCool wrote 2 months ago

Hi! I am relatively new to bracelet making, and starting a business where most of the money goes to charity. I'm looking for some fun, relatively easy bracelets that would catch someone's eye. Im familiar with the 4 bracelet knots. Thanks!

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PartyPanda57 wrote 2 months ago

hello! i am pretty new to bracelet making and i love all of the easier patterns you have! when i improve a little bit, i will try some more difficult patterns!

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kat606 wrote 2 months ago

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