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Jennifer Barton wrote 15 days ago

OMG! My mind is exploding! My oldest son is 8.5 and I thought he'd enjoy making bracelets. We went looking online for instructions and we got hooked! I thought I was pretty tricky, back in 1989, figuring out chevrons and X patterns all on my own! This is a whole nuther level of awesome. This changes my summer plans for the pandemic. I'll be lounging on my deck tying knots if anyone wants to find me!!!!

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Cerulean Cephalopod wrote 16 days ago

Private message.

adikcrafts wrote 17 days ago

Hello, some of my patterns were rejected saying the pattern already exists but i have seached for hours and cannnot find them, im just trying to add videos of those patterns, can anyone help me pls? thank you

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Abby does art wrote 17 days ago

is it possible to edit an alpha pattern that i've uploaded already???

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Ella wrote 19 days ago

Hey! I love the site and just made like four name bracelets for my friends! LOVE IT!

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