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Lolita6669 wrote 3 days ago

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lady_cinni wrote 3 days ago

I've been going through my favorite'ed patterns, and I've noticed that most of the time when I look at the thumbnails of the photos on the pattern, it usually has a picture that I've uploaded, instead of having to go dig it up through the gallery of photos of that particular pattern. Is there an algorithm that checks for the logged in user, to let them see their photos on the patterns?

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Allison98 wrote 3 days ago

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dianis wrote 6 days ago

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kleinevos wrote 6 days ago

Message for every pattern maker: Please make sure you have read our faq about why a pattern is rejected. (Https://friendship-bracelets.net/faq/view/43) We have a very long list of pending patterns and more than half of it are very simple and/or random and/or (very similar to) already existing patterns. It takes the moderator team a lot of time to check all of these patterns, vote on them, reject or accept them, administrate copies, etc,etc. We, the moderators, are all volunteers. We have a life besides moderating our beautiful website. Please be careful what you submit and save our time! You can always make the pattern and make a screenshot instead of saving the pattern to our site. Thanks for reading this.

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