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Winterberryice wrote 5 months ago

How can I add keywords or a description to patterns?

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iki&co wrote 5 months ago

Lovely to find such a useful, thorough and comprehensive craft website with forum - it makes me miss the older days when websites like these were more common! I never got the hang of friendship bracelets at school, but I had no idea they could be so versatile and decorative! I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun making patterns here :)

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Ashley Crist wrote 5 months ago

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Hannah Webber wrote 5 months ago

Hey There. I'm starting an online shop that sells custom-made, knotted bracelets, keychains, and bookmarks. Is it ok to copy/paste pictures of patterns to my website in order to showcase options of designs to choose from?

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Its_Zoë :D wrote 5 months ago


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