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Kumihimo addicted ! How can i....
Hallo, I started with kumihimo a cupple weeks ago and npw i can't stop... but i have a lot of quest
2 ShanjaG 209 last month
by kleinevos
Finding a pending alpha pattern
I made a pattern and its up for approval for now, but how can i find it for my use? is there a way
1 therealnuna 158 2 months ago
by mayagd
Magnify existing pattern
Hello! My sister and I are trying to do a project. We essentially want to make a GIANT friendship br
2 MiskaTHEdog 527 8 months ago
by halokiwi
Accidentally Submitted Unfinished #A72428
Hi, I just submitted a pattern I was not done making. There's a white section near the bottom that n
1 bracelet_matsuri 582 11 months ago
by Celicia
Save, but not submit option
Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to generate an image of a variant pattern for print? I'v
6 ArCee 789 last year
by ArCee
Looking for similar pattenrs
Ok so I made a pattern and it says I cant save because there is a similar one on a website, so how d
1 Jerry_Khorosho 563 last year
by kleinevos
Editing kumihimo pattern K49
Soo here's the pattern in question: [IMG]https://friendship-bracelets.net/im/kumi/full/49.png[/IMG
3 janelane 841 last year
by janelane
How can i save my pattern?
i saw an error message when i try to save my pattern !! can you help me plz?
6 o0farzaneh0o 2076 last year
by Celicia
can I post my patterns from other sites on here or no?
I understand if not I am just wondering...
2 2006_Mandy 682 last year
by 2006_Mandy
possible idea?????
is it possible to isolate the subject of the alpha? for example, could i remove the background of
2 x-tabitha-x 808 last year
by kleinevos

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