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Can I save without submitting?
It takes me more than one sitting to finish a design. How can I save my work without submitting it
3 Peapod73 1052 3 years ago
by JolandaEllen
Help Creating a pattern
Im new in designing patterns and i want to make a keychain for my boyfriend, a logo from a club he i
3 AmlugielSama 1272 3 years ago
by kleinevos
Help Developing A Pattern?
I am trying to create a pattern, but having trouble. Anybody care to take a stab at it? The finished
9 notxtina 1584 3 years ago
by EdBlair
RE: Help Solving Pattern?
deleted thread
0 usr321 149 3 years ago
by jonah
adding third color in an alpha name bracelet
Ive got two colored alpha name bracelets down pretty good, now I want to add in a third color to my
3 crazyCrystal 1228 3 years ago
by kleinevos
Help Solving Pattern?
Its my first pattern, its supposed to be a M for the university of Minnesota, but I can't get the th
1 jonah 1056 3 years ago
by frenchie63
color change
is there a way to change the colours on an existing pattern?
3 nataliev 1097 3 years ago
by frenchie63
Creating an original pattern
Recently I have seen a lot of original patterns and didn't really know how to start one or get an id
2 _bracelets_ 1249 4 years ago
by lena01
Editing a submitted pattern
I submitted an alpha pattern I created myself but I made a small mistake. It's pending right now but
2 ShootingStar180 922 4 years ago
by ShootingStar180
Deleting a pattern
Total noob here, and I see there is already a question of saving without submitting, which I should
5 sxmas 947 4 years ago
by sxmas

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