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I couldn'nt use the generate my pattern any more.
I had been using this generate pattern for a few times. But lately it can't work. They asked me to
2 RIVERVALE143 1082 4 years ago
by Sammoning
New at this
Could someone please tell me where I can go to start and do a 24 strand 2 color bracelet for a patte
2 bodine_6 1151 4 years ago
by kleinevos
help help help help help!!!!
My boyfriend has been BEGGING me to make him a bracelet. He wants it to say the date 4-26-15 and he
4 ColorfulFREAKx3 1447 4 years ago
by Megsy29
i made pattern
hello,i made some patterns and the site said we will note u when they accept.but they aren't accept.
8 chiksay208 1221 4 years ago
by Morigena
pattern #
Can someone please tell me how to look up specific patterns by the number? Like pattern #A50161 i
1 Lowjack 1091 4 years ago
by kleinevos
hi just joined the site and have been working on a really great pattern that i submitted and it won
5 omgpop 2144 4 years ago
by kleinevos
could someone make a pattern with the criss angel logo on ittt? either regular or alpha would be fin
6 kitymeowmeow8 1556 4 years ago
by mary7431
Help how i made a circle pattern?
hi everyone! i'm new in this forum :) i have a doubt! i would like to make a from a picture of a cro
1 ssyla93 1200 4 years ago
by kleinevos
Buckle is to big
So I made the buckle too big and i'm 1/3 of the way done. Used a larkhead knot. is there a way i can
15 Ghosttear 1972 4 years ago
by Ghosttear
how can i make a pattern?
hi. i want to make a new pattern. how can i make it?
2 goori_fashion 1556 4 years ago
by APPLES12_34

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