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Need help creating a Texans Pattern
Been trying over 1.5 months now to create a Texans Pattern so i can make it for boyfriend since he's
4 Demonic_Fox6548 1253 4 years ago
by Allison98
Bracelet Solver
Hi I have been reviewing my bracelet solver program to look for a "best" knotting pattern for a b
2 antiprism 1161 4 years ago
by kleinevos
RE: How many kumihimo patterns can you generate and have pending evety 24 hours -??
deleted thread
4 usr321 170 4 years ago
by redline
i need to speak to a moderator immediately about my pattern being edited
Alpha pattern A65780 i would like to know why the text of my pattern was edited out, and the midd
2 Incantis 1347 4 years ago
by Arismende
how to edit a pattern?
hello guys i made a pattern and accidently chose two different colors (they are very similar but no
1 adikro 1357 5 years ago
by kleinevos
can somenone please design the pattern of this photo??
can somenone please design the pattern of this photo?? i found it online but i couldn't find the spe
3 lagamba 1327 5 years ago
by kleinevos
Generating patterns on mobile
Making a pattern on my phone is near impossible :( an app would be fantastic. Please!
1 Beezy 1345 5 years ago
by meercatred
Avengers Assemble!
Hello guys! I am new here, kinda new... I always looked for patterns here but never actually made an
0 PaprikaWitch 1262 5 years ago
by PaprikaWitch
legend of zelda braclets
I would like a new pattern but not very good at making them. I was hoping for wolf link, shiek, or a
1 waterwolf129 1353 5 years ago
by meercatred
can someone make pattern of this photo
hi! i have been wanting to make this bracelet but i have no idea how to do the patterns. i just want
1 whitedaisy 1459 5 years ago
by meercatred

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