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how can i make a pattern?
hi. i want to make a new pattern. how can i make it?
2 goori_fashion 1711 5 years ago
by APPLES12_34
alpha generator????
ok, so i was trying the alpha generator and like what r u suposed to type in to make a pattern??
5 IrishDancer101 1877 5 years ago
by NicosUptownGirl
Help with Alpha Patterns
Heyy guys(: I just wanted to say that I can help out with making alpha patterns because I'm pretty g
37 sammy197 5186 5 years ago
by NicosUptownGirl
Helping to create the patterns
My colleague did I want to make him a bracelet with the sign of hooligan. Can someone help me drawn
1 zaplatana 1355 5 years ago
Pattern Description?
All the patterns that I have seen say that no description is available. I can't figure out how to ad
2 MagicalBibble 1335 5 years ago
by MagicalBibble
Figment the Dagon
Does anyone know how I can make a Figment Alpha bracelet pattern? I tried drawing it on grid paper a
7 rabidtacy 1662 5 years ago
by rabidtacy
Can someone please tell me what patterns are in this photo?
Can someone please tell me what patterns are in this photo? http://thewalkup.files.wordpress.com/20
1 jocojute5 1413 5 years ago
by Sammoning
Howl's moving castle
Can someone please make me a pattern for howl from howls moving castle or a calcifar pattern. My boy
4 theshopoholic1 2196 6 years ago
by phuong03
Pattern to long to take a screenshot of
I have been using the color changing tool thing for patterns but what do I do when they are to long
2 littlekitten 1401 6 years ago
by littlekitten
How to edit a photo to make it easy to use as a pattern?
Ive tried pixelating and numerous other effects and it still looks very hard to do that way. It ends
2 TAnt0719 1383 6 years ago
by Cathy_3

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