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How to manage long strands when braiding with a kumihimo?
I'm looking for suggestions on how to manage really long strands so they don't get all tangled up. I
2 TovinoThomas 605 last year
by Nemaya
I?m not seeing any buttons at all . All I see is a empty box
5 Nanak55 816 last year
by kleinevos
Making nonrepeating patterns
Hi, its me Unicon. I was wondering if there is a way to make non reapeating normal patterns like whe
1 LunarUnicorn121 640 last year
by Anyblia
Pattern still pending
My pattern is still pending after 5 days. Is it normal to take so long?
1 NMJ12 568 last year
by Anyblia
Embroidery string/thread?
I've been making bracelets for awhile, but I was wondering if anybody has any tips on what kind of e
10 magerm1998 2104 2 years ago
by Dai
RE: nike air max 2017 Generate Custom made
deleted thread
0 usr321 144 2 years ago
by LucyHello
Rejected patterns
Recently several of my patterns have been rejected recently. I create them for personal use first o
1 Kislobog 615 2 years ago
by kleinevos
RE: how to design my pattern
deleted thread
11 usr321 431 2 years ago
by akradgash
Alpha patterns rejected for no discernable reason?
Two alpha patterns I made were rejected, but I have no idea why. I've checked the terms of use and t
1 Morningglory17 1064 2 years ago
by kleinevos
Max Amount of Strings?
What's the max amount of strings you can make a normal pattern with and post it? I've seen older pat
1 Claires_Hairs 1082 2 years ago
by kleinevos

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