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Kumihimo addicted ! How can i.... by ShanjaG 2 months ago

I started with kumihimo a cupple weeks ago and npw i can't stop... but i have a lot of questions
Do somebody know where i can finde a Kumihimo-Generator for the Quadrate-Plate?
And how have you make a pattetn with 40 strings?
Can i make a pattern with more then 40 strings (how and where)?
I have found, on a shop, plate's with more then 90 slotts!
Where do i finde teaditional japanes designes and patterns? Where can i finde patterns for different weave techniks for flat and round bracelets?
I hope you understand me! And i excuse my bad english and all the mistakes.... im from swizzerland and school is looooooong ago

RE : Kumihimo addicted ! How can i.... by wildrose9 2 months ago

The kumihimo generated is right by the patterns page gen #4.you can make ones over 40strings.also at the top of the patterns page there is a button that says go to kumihimo paterns. Hope that answers your questions!

RE : Kumihimo addicted ! How can i.... by kleinevos (moderator) 2 months ago

We have some tutorials for kumihimos that are different from the common round Kongoh Gumis, but we don’t have generators for those. Our generator can only handle Kongo Gumis up to 40 strings, but if you know the basics you can combine patterns to make them with more than 40 strings.
There are other website that have more generators, like craftdesignonline.com
And there are books with other designs.


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