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(( How to... )) Grid papers / Empty patterns

Table of contents
1 - Normal pattern grid
2 -
Alpha pattern grid
3 -
Empty patterns for printing
Here are two grid papers in PDF format for all the pattern designers out there that like to use this. Click on the images below to get the corresponding PDF file.

Normal pattern grid

Click image below to download PDF.

Alpha pattern grid

Click image below to download PDF.

More printable (tilted) grids can be found here:

Empty patterns for printing

For normal pattern:

For alpha patterns (divided in groups of 5 and all in all 40 threads):

For alpha patterns (18 threads):

Hope it helps


The original author of this tutorial is Stefan but it was also edited by iluvmyspud, k_marie, Cupcakeszz, PetertheRoman and kleinevos.

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