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My name is Christoph and I am from Austria.
I'm into such soothing hobbies as origami or nonograms (at griddlers.net - so much more fun than sudokus as you are rewarded with a real picture.)
Although I'm no good at chess at all, I have this ongoing fascination with Shogi (Japanese Chess) and XiangQi (Chinese Chess.)
And, obviously, I'm fond of friendship bracelets (and knotting matters in general.)

Then there are these rather odd convictions I have.
For example, it is my firm belief that the whole universe during one period in time had been actively coaxed to join forces so that our little planet would come into existence and would be thriving and turning into the best of all possible worlds.
We got carefully placed in that zone where it was neither too hot nor too cold. Then we were provided with that rather large stabilizing "impromptu" moon via one or two masterly shots hitting our planet when we were not yet around, plus we got us a proper magnetic shield. All the life-giving water we still enjoy today would have been carried to us exclusivamente from the far edges of our galaxy. Some very special force would have had to come up with that masterplan and all the software behind these laws of nature that would make it all happen. God.

That's how my nick came about:
My name is actually Christoph but at one time I chose Peter the Roman in order to give certain credit to the belief that the current Pope could be the last pope in human history. This had been "foreseen" or "told" in the Middle Ages by one ("Saint"?) Philip Neri, though the prediction seems to be commonly and erroneously attributed to yet another ("Saint"?) Malachy. Not sure what kind of spirit it was that told Philip Neri so. Most probably an evil spirit I guess.

But no worry! Even if I knew for a fact that today was the very last day on earth, I'd go and do another one of these colourful bracelets and give it to my very last remaining friend.

Denn Gott hat die Welt so sehr geliebt, dass er
seinen einzigen Sohn hingab, damit jeder,
der an ihn glaubt, nicht zugrunde geht,
sondern das ewige Leben hat.
(John 3:16)

Don't trust that sorcerer or whatever demon or beast everybody seems to be following since time knows when. You can't very well follow two lords and serve them equally well, can you? And believe me, that sorcerer (or ancient Toten- or Wahrsagegeist or idol or what have you) with all his seemingly marvellous acts of logistics and anti-miracles, will betray everyone eventually, as he is one big liar to begin with.