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Newbie Backward Knot Nightmare by BlandLameO 26 days ago

For some reason I keep occasionally feeling a "pop" and then knots will shift and the base thread becomes the knot color. I've redone several knots and it's only happening on my backward knots. At first I thought I was mistakenly doing a backward-forward knot in their place and that was why but after undoing and double checking it's still happening.
Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions to avoid it if it is something that happens normally?

(Sorry it's blurry.)

RE : Newbie Backward Knot Nightmare by BlandLameO 26 days ago

The other knots that shifted fixed easily but every time i do the next know (the point of the dark arrow) that same knot slips to the pale color.

RE : Newbie Backward Knot Nightmare by kleinevos 25 days ago

Keep the string you’re knotting on straight. If knots are flipping you’re pulling harder on the string that makes the knot than on the string that should stay inside that knot. Thinner and softer strings are more likely to flip than thicker and more sturdy strings.

RE : Newbie Backward Knot Nightmare by zoeyllm 22 days ago

Make sure that the first part of the knot is really tight so that the entire knot does not fall appart. It also looks like your knot tension varies so it may be a good idea to try and experiment with it a bit more. Your bracelet looks way better than my first ones, good job!

RE : Newbie Backward Knot Nightmare by EdBlair 20 days ago

Sometimes this happens to me. When I am tightening the knot in one row, a knot in the previous row will pop. I usually tie my knots row by row, but within a row tie them "out of order" by looking for where I can secure the "center" strings in the knots in the previous row to keep them from pop-ing when I put tension on the outer string of the knots.

Sometimes you can not do this (especially near the edges), so you need to secure an adjacent loose string to maintain the tension in the knot from the previous row when you tighten the knot you are currently tying.

Basically you hold both the center string of the knot you are tying and the center string from the knot in the previous row in one hand, and the string you are actively tying with in the other hand.


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