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  • 9/21/13


My name is Edward.
I discovered this site when I was looking on the Internet for instructions for making friendship bracelets. I was given one as a gift and thought it would be appropriate to make one (or two) to return the favor.

Since then I have kept on making more bracelets, and expanding my creative talents.

I usually work on normal bracelets with less than 16 strings. I look for interesting patterns that do not have photos. I generally try to expand on the original design by altering the colors, adding beads, or doing sections "inverted", in order to make the bracelet I am making my own creation, rather than just a copy of the original pattern.

I plan on someday writing a tutorial on color inversion and how to personalize a pattern.

My main creative pursuit is music. Specifically Renaissance music. I play the recorder and Shawm (a 16'th century double reed instrument, kind of like an oboe only louder and more in-your-face). I perform at various Renaissance fairs in northern California.

Weekly contest entries:
#83 - April 2014 - Pattern #39578
#87 - May 2014 - #18965
#127 - April/May 2015 - #31841 -- Winner!
#159 - April/May 2016 - #9396
#167 - Aug 2016 - #34790