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Help with patterns by M_P_R18bestever 6 months ago

If a pattern calls for 12 strings and 5 colors how many of one color would you need?
There is a pattern I want to make but I don?t know how many strings I should double or triple etc. the pattern is 16 strings 5 colors. Do you want the pattern name then you can tell me which letters I should double, triple et.?

RE: Help with patterns by EdBlair 6 months ago

The number of individual strands of each color depends on the details of the pattern, so yes, we need the pattern number in order to answer your question.
From what you stated (a 16 string pattern with 5 colors) you could have anything between 4 colors with one strand each plus 12 strands with the last color (most unequal color distribution) to 4 colors with 3 strands each plus one color with 4 strands.

RE: Help with patterns by kleinevos 6 months ago

The pattern itself shows how many strings you need per color. Colors are named A, B, etc on top of the pattern-image. You can count the letters.


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