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Scottish tiles pattern by Phieso 7 months ago

Hi everyone
Does anyone know if I can find a pattern with a motif like on this picture : https://media.fabfab.net/images/products/popup/carreau-ecossais-stretch-6-gris-schiste--63_03036_15.jpg

Thanks for your help!!!!!

RE: Scottish tiles pattern by kleinevos 7 months ago

You can do a search on keyword plaid. I am sure we have patterns similar to this.

RE: Scottish tiles pattern by EdBlair 7 months ago

One frequent pattern you will see in these patterns is that they often consist of alternating rows of all forward knots and all backward knots. The effect is like a candy stripe bracelet, but you can see the strands running both directions.

The bracelet will be a diagonal section of the plaid pattern with the edges of the bracelet along the line where like colors meet in the vertical and horizontal direction. (This is because in your bracelet at the edge, the lines running one direction will flip over and start running the other direction.)

For example see pattern #8784


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