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Nanak55 by Nanak55 last year

I?m not seeing any buttons at all . All I see is a empty box

RE: Nanak55 by kleinevos last year

On the generator-page? The generator doesn?t work on all browsers.

RE: Nanak55 by EdBlair last year

Try this from a guestbook response I wrote a few days ago:
You need to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Find the download link from Google.
It is a potential security risk, so it does not get installed automatically anymore. I just installed it on Windows 10 using FireFox 65.

When I opened the Generator page I had to click to startup Adobe Flash to allow it to run on this web page.

RE: Nanak55 by BlubBlub last year

I've got the same problem. All I can see is a box with the writing Generator 3.
When will it be fixed?
(I'm using Firefox)

RE: Nanak55 by BlubBlub last year

(It works with Microsoft Edge, but I don't like to use it)

RE: Nanak55 by kleinevos last year

Our webmaster is working on a new website. I have no idea when it will be finished, but until then nothing will change on the current website. The generator probably only works with flash, as said above.
We have an alternative generator though, have a look here . Make sure to not save an existing pattern though! Altering colors and/or only a few knots does not make it a new pattern. You can make a screenshot if you need it for your own use.


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