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WHY WON'T IT POST by omgpop 10 years ago

hi just joined the site and have been working on a really great pattern that i submitted and it won't go up on the site. how long does it usually take to go up and what would cause them to not post my pattern?

RE: WHY WON'T IT POST by AmandaWasHere 10 years ago

Moderators have to approve your pattern first, to make sure you didn't steal it or anything. It takes about 2 or 3 days.

RE: WHY WON'T IT POST by Vincoune 6 years ago

I know they are busy but it almost tooks 2 weeks to only reject my pattern...could'nt they reject it earlier?

RE: WHY WON'T IT POST by KnotterHolic 6 years ago

First, you have to know that we all have our own personal lives to deal with. We dedicate all our spare time in here just to keep things running smooth.

And we need the other moderators to vote on each pattern to reach a decision. Sometimes patterns may have been miss-looked or skipped because of various genuine reasons.

Apologies for any convenience but the least you could do is give us a break. Your patterns will be accepted sooner or later, I promise. And if in case it has been rejected, it's only because it meets the terms on the FAQ "Why was my pattern rejected " section which are all the things we DON'T need to see on a pattern submitted.

We try our best I can assure you that :)
Just be patient.

RE: WHY WON'T IT POST by BeyondBracelets 4 years ago

I call shenanigans. I just spent an hour this morning deciding to make a cute pea pod pattern since there was no similar patterns and it got rejected. I know the terms of use and it isn't a posted pattern here or anywhere else so it should have been accepted. At the very least I wish mods would give a reason behind their rejects- even if it were to be a one word copy pasted answer of "similar pattern posted" MINE: https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=89644 THE ONLY OTHER ONE ON THE SITE: https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=20401 So... what's up with that?

RE: WHY WON'T IT POST by kleinevos 4 years ago

@BeyondBracelets: We don't discuss decisions about rejecting or accepting patterns in public. Please send us a private message.
We always leave the link to the faq on rejected patterns if the reason is stated there.


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