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Hi There and Welcome!

I'm KnotterHolic, 21 and currently living in Doha, Qatar.

Introverted, Animal Lover, A Passionate Knotter and one of the Moderators on this wonderful site.
Some of my interests include Arts & Crafts, Music, Movies & T.V. Shows, Books, Writing as well as reading to know more about the field of Psychiatry & Psychology.

If I'm not Online ?
I'm a full time student and at college for long hours. I try my best to do whatever I can whenever I find the time. Apologies if I haven't got back to you immediately but please don't hesitate to PM(Personal Message) me if you need help with anything at all.

Where I live proves a barrier for me when it comes to transporting or mailing bracelets which is why unfortunately I am not able to sell the bracelets I make and neither host swaps on the site. Other than that, I can help you with anything else around here if needs be.

My Tutorials and Parts of Tutorials I've covered:

- The 3D Shaped Zig Zag Bracelet

- The Flip Flop Zig Zag Bracelet (My tutorial is the Double Version alone)

- The Double Zig Zag (Second alternate version tutorial embedded with pictures alone)

- Beaded Shaped Curve/Spiral Bracelet

- How to upload photos to patterns (Re-sizing and Uploading photos through the Flash Up loader part alone)

I share my passion for knotting among many other folks around and have found much inspiration in here. I hope that I may be able to give back any inspiration through my bracelet creations and the knowledge I have.

I Hope you enjoy your experience around here just as much as I have.
CHEERS And Happy Knotting!

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