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(( Buckle )) Super-Specialized Buckle

First of all, you must have an even number of each color threads. If you don't, skip over this tutorial. Now, get your threads all cut. Fold in half, then, marking the halfway mark, unfold and measure down about one inch. Flipping the threads over backwards, put a piece of tape right above the one-inch mark to keep that order. Now, tie six square knots down. Braid for twice that length. Then, tie another six square knots. Flip your buckle loop over backwards. Make a square knot with the two threads on the outside. Make your bracelet. Then, finish the bracelet with some square knots on the outside, a braid, and some more square knots, and (finally!) an overhand knot.


The original author of this tutorial is Stellaphone but it was also edited by Ronni, Lovemenot, Sareana, Jeckle and kleinevos.

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