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Hi! I'm an eighth-grade Christian girl who lives in Georgia and makes and sells bracelets and other jewelry (pop-tab, hemp, beadwork, etc.). I absolutely looooooooove Carrie Underwood, Owl City, Lady Antebellum, Casting Crowns, Taylor Swift, and the Vocaloids (I'm trying to learn Japanese), and I'm working on designing the best fashion line ever! Pinterest and Facebook and this site that you're on right here are probably my most-visited webpages, because I'm always looking for new DIY projects :) Mi clase favorita es espa?ol! Feel free to PM me about anything and everything--I don't bite! (Well, usually not...) Thanks for taking the time to try and understand my psychotic rant about myself, and my website is right here: http://www.lilacsbracelets.webs.com
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