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(( Bracelets )) Shaped Zig Zag

Table of contents
1 - Introduction
   1.0 -
Knots you need to know
1 -
Step by Step


This tutorial shows how to tie a zigzag bracelet as above. If you want a printer-friendly version in PDF, click here

Knots you need to know

You will need to learn forward knots and backward knots. See the tutorial Knots used for bracelets if you want to learn more about the knots.

Step by Step

[h2]Step 1[/h1]

Start with the thread on the left. Make a righthand knot.

[h2]Step 2[/h1]

Continue with the same thread and make right-hand knots.

[h2]Step 3[/h1]

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you've got three rows.

[h2]Step 4[/h1]

When you're done it looks about like this.

[h2]Step 5[/h1]

Now you're going to change direction and go to the left instead. Start with the thread at the right and make seven left-hand knots.

[h2]Step 6[/h1]

When a row is ready it looks about like this. Make two more rows like you did in the last step.

[h2]Step 7[/h1]

Repeat step 1 to 7 until long enough.


The original author of this tutorial is Stefan but it was also edited by Foz, Alicat and kleinevos.

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