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Type and size of thread by SthMeri 21 days ago


I'm new to this world of bracelets, I started making them a few weeks ago.
I have a problem of understanding which thread to use - DMC is great (cheap, and has many colors) but I want to get a bigger and longer thread -- a spool or yarn.
I was told cotton crochet yarn is good but I'm never sure about the size of the thread or if a embroidery floss is better.

Anyway, Ill love to hear what kind of thread (and size) the experienced people here use.

Thank you.

RE : Type and size of thread by mayagd 21 days ago

As long as all your treads in the project are of the same kind, you souldnt have any problems. Ive worked with yarn, embrodery floss, DMC, coton tread and embrodery floss is my favorite, but try them and find what you like the most. They all look different when the bracelet is done, so you migth want to use a specific thread for a specific look. Embrodery floss have a shiny finish, and yarn is more plushy (it looks less "clean", but its good for larger projects where a lot of thread is needeed)

Cotton crochet yarn comes in spools, but what ive seen is that the thread isnt very thick, so I double it, and that it tends to be more fragile, so be careful with that.
Hopes that helps

RE : Type and size of thread by Bunny.Timeline 20 days ago

Just saw this, thought I would mention, another thread you could consider is using the Anchor brand type. I like this and the DMC brands the best.


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