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  • 4/11/20


hello! you can call me maya or the geeky thing with 80s glasses.
i made bracelets for about 7 years, and been on this website for 3 years now.
i love books, video games, science, write stuff and maths
i listen to music all the time, especally edm (house, disco, trance and stuff-i am not a big fan of dubstep but i listen sometime)
my favorites artistes rigth now : daft punk, avicii, deadmau5, calvin harris, kygo, martin garrix, waterflame, meganeko and toby fox.
If you want to pm me about bracelet or the last book you read, you can! (hey if you want to talk about music you can to)
sorry for my english, i am from the place with a lot of snow, mooses, maples sirup and, of course, snow! (quebec)
-a futur dj and a passionate knotter