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Original design - please help! by Yolana 10 months ago

My name is Yolana and I'm new here:) I would like to gift my friend with a bracelet for Christmas, but I am not sure how to do what I want, or indeed if it's even possible to do what I want:) If it is possible though, could someone please offer advice (like how many strings of each color I'll need and stuff like that)?
Here's the link for the design of the bracelet:


Thank you so very much!

RE : Original design - please help! by SHARKz7 10 months ago

Hmmm... The link didn’t work for me. Perhaps you could post a screenshot?

RE : Original design - please help! by halokiwi 10 months ago

This is a alpha pattern. I recommend watching a YouTube video or reading a tutorial on how to make alpha bracelets.

In an alpha pattern you have base strings and leading strings. With the leading string you knot onto the base strings row by row from left to right and back from right to left. To make a knot of a different colour you switch to a different leading string. There are different ways of switching colours, the regular way and the flat alpha technique. I personally recommend the flat alpha technique because the results look a little nicer to me. :D

If I didn't miscount you'll need 15 base strings (those are the strings you knot onto, the colour doesn't really matter). For your leading strings you need the colours white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Personally I would also use pink in the bisexual symbol.

RE : Original design - please help! by kleinevos (moderator) 10 months ago

This was the link she posted:

And you can use this image as an alpha pattern, like halokiwi says.

RE : Original design - please help! by kleinevos (moderator) 10 months ago

Here’s a tutorial: Multicolored alphas


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