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Alpha pattern question? by belleee 9 months ago

Okay so I normally only do normal patterns. This is my first time trying out an alpha pattern with my name on it. What does a down arrow mean? And when the arrow points to the left does that mean I do forward and backward knot? Thanks!

RE : Alpha pattern question? by kleinevos 9 months ago

In a name-bracelet the downward arrow stands for a knot with the base-strings. Downward in a row with forward knots means a backward knot, downward in a row with backward knots means a forward knot.
With the background-string you always do one row forward knots, one row backward knots, repeat.

RE : Alpha pattern question? by Linzbutterfly 2 months ago

Is there a specific alpha pattern you recommend for beginners? I would consider myself an intermediate at normal bracelets but I have been watching tutorials, not reading patterns. I’ve only practiced one alpha before which was the vertical wave using scrap thread in a different color in between lines of the leading string (I don’t have the pattern #). I would love to make the ocean wave one but I don’t know how good that is for beginners.
I’ve taught myself the triangle start and will either do that with a button closure or do crimp clasps. Which leads to my second question of how long to make base strings and lead string.

Basically, after that ramble, I am looking for beginner alpha pattern suggestions and string length clarification.

RE : Alpha pattern question? by kleinevos 2 months ago

Every two-colored alpha is good for beginners if you use the two-colored alpha technique for changing color. Meaning that you knot one color with the base-strings.
If you want to practice the substitution technique (which I recommend, also for two-colored alphas) you can try any pattern that has not a lot of color-changes per row. And preferable also no color-changes close to the edge.

RE : Alpha pattern question? by Linzbutterfly 2 months ago

Any particular suggestions?

RE : Alpha pattern question? by JoanRobertson 29 days ago

Please throw in some examples or techniques that a beginner should start with.


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