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Creating an original pattern by _bracelets_ 4 years ago

Recently I have seen a lot of original patterns and didn't really know how to start one or get an idea. Does anyone have any tips?

RE: Creating an original pattern by EdBlair 4 years ago

Start by reviewing this tutorial: (( How to... )) Design Bracelet Patterns
After that use a piece of paper and experiment. Also study existing patterns with interesting design elements and study how they are done.
My last bit of advise is to remember that each knot has two strings, one that is visible and one that is hidden. Designing a bracelet pattern is just as much about managing your hidden strings as it is about managing the visible ones. If you want a particular knot to have a particular color, you have to find a way to make sure that the selected color is one of the two strings available for that knot, even if that color is hidden in the previous rows.

RE: Creating an original pattern by lena01 4 years ago

hello .. these posts are very interesting and i wanna say that i love doing design and i am doing . :)))


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