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Suggestions for the Generator by Nekochi 5 years ago

The generator is great and is the reason I joined the site, but I'd love it if there was a way to save the patterns we create without posting them. Sometimes I want to keep something for my own use that I know is too similar to another pattern to be approved and there is no good way to do this without giving the moderators more work going through patterns or saving the image to your own computer where it can be easy to lose if you already have a lot of stuff saved.

Another feature I would love to see is a "Play With Colors" option. This would be a link on the page of each pattern which would open up the editor and allow you to select colors in the pattern to change without changing the pattern itself. Maybe you love a pattern and you want to make it, but you don't have or like the colors that were used. You also don't want to waste materials, so it'd be great to be able to use the features on this site to preview a color scheme. These new colors could be saved privately or there could be a way for people to submit color variations the same way that they can submit photos for a pattern.

An option to edit a pattern where you could open up any pattern on the gallery and tweak it would also be great. Again, this would be something that you would save privately since we wouldn't want people only changing a few things and then taking credit for the whole pattern, but I still think it would be a useful feature for when you like a pattern except for one or two details.

RE: Suggestions for the Generator by Allison98 (moderator) 5 years ago

If you go here: https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/js_gen.php?edit=51388 and change the numbers (51388) to the pattern number of your choice, you can there change the colours and edit the pattern (but click "save as new pattern" not "save as (current pattern#)). That's one way of changing the colours via an older generator.

RE: Suggestions for the Generator by kleinevos (moderator) 5 years ago

Be sure to only hit the save-button when you've made significant changes though. Only changing colors or a few knots will not be enough to get the pattern accepted.

I agree it would be great, Nekochi, but all of the features you mentioned are mod-only now. And since we only have one web-master, who is very busy with work and all, there will be no changes very soon. It would also probably take up too much server-space to let everybody save any pattern.
The best solution is making screenshots, and saving them to, for example, Dropbox or Google Drive.

RE: Suggestions for the Generator by Allison98 (moderator) 5 years ago

What I'd find helpful is if I could add strings to either side, not just on the one side. I've found that I've made a good pattern, but it's off centred and I can't easily fix it because I can't add a string to the other side.

RE : Suggestions for the Generator by linzpods last year

This old thread has pretty much all of the suggestions for the site that I was going to make and I think they are still applicable! I know changes to the site are coming soon and I can't wait to see what comes out! But in the meantime, I'm rooting for you all and your hard work is not lost on this little community!


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