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Dimensions too big? by LindyHopper 6 years ago

I just spent several hours working on a pattern in Generator 3 and it will not let me save it stating the Dimensions are too big. It's only 36 strings and 12 colors. There are many more complicated patterns that I have seen on the site. I really don't want to lose all my work.

I made a pattern based on this one https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=23567 but wider. I patterned it out all the way to a full color repeat, so something like 80 rows. I could delete it to the row where you repeat the knot pattern but the colors are different...

Also, is it common for the pattern to look messed up after the first repeat in the Generator?

RE: Dimensions too big? by squeaker14 6 years ago

i do know that i think it was over 70 strings that the dimensions are to big. my best guess is if its over 70 rows it would be to big. but I'm really not all that sure though

RE: Dimensions too big? by kleinevos 6 years ago

Yes, I think the generator doesn't accept more than 80 rows. And the pattern has to be repeating. Maybe you can change a few knots to make it repeating?
But if the pattern is too similar to an existing pattern we don't accept it anyway . . .

RE: Dimensions too big? by LindyHopper 6 years ago

I will keep working at it. The pattern is more than double the width of the other one and has different design dimensions. Could it still be too similar?

RE: Dimensions too big? by kleinevos 6 years ago

In this case: yes. There are a lot of similar patterns already and for example a candy-stripe is still a candy-stripe, even if you make it wider or smaller, or change the colors.

RE: Dimensions too big? by momoMv12 6 years ago

I f you just want to share it, publish it on Google. This is what I'm doing with all my rejected patterns.

RE: Dimensions too big? by Angeleyes 8 months ago

I just got done with a Pattern of greek letters that has 30 strings and I estimate less than 50 rows, it wont let me save. Says the dimensions are too big

RE: Dimensions too big? by kleinevos 8 months ago

That?s not possible. Normal patterns go up to more than 60 strings and max 80 rows.


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