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mistake...:( by green_guitar08 9 years ago

I've made a pattern and I saved it before I saw that it has a mistake. The better pattern, is this one, #72677, which actually is the improving of the other one, but I think that 7th and 9th rows should be edited, I made something wrong again, please excuse me, I was just too excited. If you, the moderators, could fix this, (and save #72677, not the other one, of course, edited by you, if it's possible) I would really appreciate it :D ! Thanks anyway!

RE: mistake...:( by iheartmrbump 9 years ago

Go there and you can edit and save it, I would also leave a private messsage in the guestbook so the moderators will see it. I hope this helped!

RE: mistake...:( by green_guitar08 9 years ago

it really helped me, thank you a lot !! :D

RE: mistake...:( by kleinevos (moderator) 9 years ago

This helps me a lot, too! I made several mistakes with my patterns and I saved a better version for them , too. I wasn't sure if I should pm the moderators to tell them, or just leave it to them to choose the right one . . .
If this works it would save the mods a lot of time !

RE: mistake...:( by green_guitar08 9 years ago

yes, definitely, but in time we all be better ! :D


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