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(( How to... )) Make a buttonhole with a shaped start

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1 - Making a buttonhole
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Making a buttonhole

This tutorial explains how to make a buttonhole, with a shaped start.


*I took these pictures from my video, see below. Apologies for the bad quality ....

Fold all of the strings.

Start with a larkshead knot in the middle of your strings. I made another half hitch on both sides of this first knot before the first string left the bundle.

*Only one of the strings is used for the knotting of the edges in this example, but you can follow the tutorial for shaped starts to make the edge in different colors when using more than just one color. The only difference is that you don't make the actual loop for this shaped start.

Knot like usual. You need about 2-4 rows before starting the buttonhole, also depending on the measurements of your button.

4 and 5.
To start the hole you just leave out the knots in the middle. It's just like knotting two smaller bracelets instead of one: the edges of the buttonhole are just like edges of a normal bracelet.

*Note that this works for every pattern where the knots in the middle are two same-colored strings knotted together. It doesn't work well with any other pattern, like candy stripes. It will swap colors if you follow this method in patterns like that.

When your hole is slightly longer than your button, you can close the hole: knot the 'edge'-strings in the middle (under the hole) together and start knotting your pattern like usual.

7 and 8
Keep knotting :-)

This is how the backside looks like if
- you start knotting chevron border-to-middle (V-shape) in steps 3 and 4, and further to the edge
- knot the other way, chevron middle-to-edges, in step 5 and 6.
- knot V-shape again starting with the V that makes the second knot under the hole.

[h1]Example of how to do this with a pattern:[/h2]

The orange lines are the edges of the shaped start. There are a few tutorials that explain the shaping, this one for example.

The red circles are around the knots that you need to leave out to make the buttonhole. You just don't knot these. The edges of the buttonhole are just like the edges of any normal bracelet, so in fact you are knotting two separate bracelets ( the left half, and the right half) that were connected before the hole started, and that are connected again after the buttonhole is big enough.



The original author of this tutorial is kleinevos .

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