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(( Projects )) How to make a Shell Necklace

This is pretty much how it will turn out. =]

All you need to make this is hemp string, one pony bead for closure (optional) and 5 shells. You will also need to know how to tie half knot twists. If you don't know how to do so, go to this link: http://www.jewelrymakingguide.com/spiral-hemp-bracelet-directions.html and you'll see how.

Here we go...

This is the beginning and the end of the bracelet, though mine didn't turn out right because I made the strings too short. (The top is the beginning, the bottom is the end.)
To start off, you cut one string around 4 1/2 yards long, and another string around 2 yards long. (This is how I learned it, but I normally do it longer...your choice, though) Then, you fold them both in half and make a closure loop.
This is the next part of the bracelet.
All you do is tie half knot twists for 5 1/2 inches. (Again, this is how I learned it, but I normally do it longer. 5 1/2 inches...Well, you need to make enough half knot twists so that the shells will be at the front of the necklace, otherwise, you'd have a lopsided necklace.)

These are both the front of the necklace.

Once you get enough half knot twists, you tie two square knots.
Then, you add a shell by sticking the two center strings into the "mouth" of the shell. **This next part you have to be extremely cautious of what you're doing** You tie two square knots, while keeping the shell in its place. You tie them tight enough to keep the shell where it is.
Now that you've done that, you get the next shell...but you DO NOT do the same thing. This time, you stick the two center strings THROUGH the shell, do that if you lift up the necklace that you have so far, it is hanging downwards. Then you tie two more square knots to secure it.
Do the exact same thing you just did for two more shells.
For the last shell, you do what you did with the first shell. Then you tie more half knot twists, until the end of the bracelet, and you can either finish it off how you'd like...OR you can do what I did with the pony bead.
What I did to close it was I tied a couple of knots on top of each other. Then, I added the bead and tied a few more knots at the end and cut off the extra string.



The original author of this tutorial is Mina but it was also edited by Stefan and k_marie.

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