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(( Projects )) Removable Hair Wraps

Bobby Pin
Yarn or embroidery floss braided together the length of your hair folded in half
Other colors of embroidery floss about 60-70 inches long folded in half

Step 1:
Take all your string and fold it in half. Then make lark heads knots with them all onto the bottom part of the bobby pin.

Step 2:
Take your first color string and make half of a backward knot over the base string (yarn or braid) and all the other strings as well. Then start wrapping over them.

Step 3:
When you are done with that color, make another half backward knot. Then start over with another color making sure to make a half backward knot before you start.

Step 4:
Continue until it is the length of your hair. Then you can put glue or nail polish on it to keep it secure on the bobby pin. That's it!


The original author of this tutorial is wildcattz98 but it was also edited by Kestrel, rebeccaair and kleinevos.

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