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1 - Step by Step
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Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
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Step 4
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This Bracelet is made like an Alpha by knotting over beads (or other objects) base instead of another string.




Step by Step

Step 1

Prepare your base string like you would with making an alpha bracelet. now instead of adding a background color thread you are going to work the base thread over an object. like so...

Step 2

now do the same with the next string lining up the first knot with the second.

you may have to slide the knots together along the object so they are snug next to each other.

Step 3

after you have knotted the strings in a row onto the object of choice, add another object an do the same making a row of knots onto it.

make sure that if you started knotting with forward knots the the next object be knotted with backwards knots. keep alternating them this way so that the objects stay in a strait line.

make sure that the knots are tight enough to keep the objects snug next to each other, not too tight though.

Step 4

continue to add until you get the length you want then turn the bracelet over and you will see your design.

you can use what you like best to start or end this bracelet like you would your normal ones.



The original author of this tutorial is princess_5775 but it was also edited by Dodadoo and Alicat.

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