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Starwars by Kampy_McKampersons 14 days ago

I have a friend that really wants the Empire symbol. The black and grey circle with the six sections. I'm terrible at designing patterns. If anyone is up for the challenge, i'd be in your debt

RE : Starwars by halokiwi 14 days ago

What about

Or are you looking for a normal pattern?

RE : Starwars by Kampy_McKampersons 13 days ago

I guess I'm just nervous about learning my first alpha pattern. Can't be a coward forever lol. Thank you

RE : Starwars by halokiwi 13 days ago

I could try to design a normal pattern :D
I just wasn't sure, if you wanted an alpha or normal.

RE : Starwars by halokiwi 9 days ago

I guess I was too slow designing a pattern, but I'm glad you now did an alpha :D they're really not as scary as most people think ;)


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