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Liked patterns by Bunny's little projects 2 months ago

Hello fellow bracelet makers,

Is there a way to check your previously liked pattern?

RE : Liked patterns by halokiwi 2 months ago

Yes, you go to your profile and then to favorite patterns: https://friendship-bracelets.net/profile/favorites?UserId=166238

RE : Liked patterns by vanity05 19 days ago

But that way you can see the favorites not the liked one, like with kumihimo...
i was looking for the same things

RE : Liked patterns by halokiwi 18 days ago

Oh yeah, right, I forgot that those are two different things. Sorry. I don't think you can see the likes. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

I put the links of the kumihimos I like in my profile info, so I don't loose them.


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