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Photos With @ by zoeyllm 10 months ago

I've recently taken and edited some photos for my Instagram which has a different account name than my friendship-bracelets.net name (tbf I would change this username if I could). Anyways, they have my Instagram handle in the photos and I was wondering if I am allowed to submit them here? I wanted to ask so that I don't make the moderators do a lot of work that could have been avoided.

RE : Photos With @ by Dai 10 months ago

Mods ofc have the last word here, but I have uploaded a few pictures with my instagram username on them (which is also different from my username here) and never had any problems about it. I guess that as long as the pictures are yours, you should be fine :)
You could also put your insta username on your profile to be safe, but I don't think it's required

RE : Photos With @ by Anyblia (moderator) 10 months ago

Dai summed up everything :)
As long as the pictures you submit are yours, it’s fine.

RE : Photos With @ by kleinevos (moderator) 10 months ago

And you can ask for a username change, if you like. If the name you suggest isn’t already existing on here, we will change your name for you.


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