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Beading patterns by Rainbow_123 4 years ago

Hey all! I am new to beading, and I am trying to find some patterns for my bead loom. Can you help me find the bead patterns? Or perhaps give me some pointers on how I can use road patterns to make my bead loom patterns. Thank you so much for reading

RE: Beading patterns by Shifa 4 years ago

most of the alpha bracelet patterns can be done on a bead loom. follow the colors per knot with each knot being a bead. as for normal bracelet patterns, if you know peyote stitch, you could possibly do the patterns as a peyote stitch pattern, with each knot being the color bead you need. i' not sure how you plan peyote stitch out...
i haven't done any of these myself. i'm sure this is what you would do for these, however~


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