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Keeping track of your patterns by Can_You_Knot 3 years ago

I decided to share a method that I've been using for a while that helps me keep track of my patterns and where I stop in a bracelet.

I usually use a small to medium size clipboard or a thicker cardboard backing (like from a notepad) to use as my loom. To keep track of my patterns, I will stick a piece of tabbed tape on the edge somewhere on the top with the pattern number. Then another below it to keep track of what row and knot number I stopped on. I typically note it like this: 9|4, but however you want to write it.

I wanted to share this tip because I came across a few posts where people lost their patterns for bracelets they have been working on and couldn't find them. It takes me ages to make bracelets so I understand the feeling of not being able to finish bracelets because the pattern is lost. :(

RE: Keeping track of your patterns by Allison98 (moderator) 3 years ago

That's a great idea! :)


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