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Bracelets are curling. by megahappyfruit 9 years ago

This happens to a lot of bracelets of mine.

Currently, I am making a 8 string bracelet (4 different colours, 2 strings each) and it is the most simple pattern. #1.

im noticing my bracelet is making a "C" shape in the direction of the diagonal stripes. So whilst my stripes are going down and to the left, so is the actual bracelet. It isnt just a straight bracelet like I see on all photos.

RE: Bracelets are curling. by Sammoning (moderator) 9 years ago

This actually happens alot on the diagonal striped pattern, and there's not much you can do to prevent it. They honestly are never absolutely a straight vertical line! But if it suddnely bends alot to the right, I can only suggest to try and keep the tension more even (people tend to knot faster and less accurate on the end of a row)

RE: Bracelets are curling. by Superwholock 9 years ago

It also helps to work the yarn once the bracelet is finished, stretching it in some places and bending it to get flat or set it under something hard, flat and heavy for a few hours or overnight and it should flatten nicely.

RE: Bracelets are curling. by EdBlair 9 years ago

Don't wait until you finish the bracelet. After knotting a few rows, gently tug on the strings to even out the tension and flex the end back and forth to keep it from curling. The key here is firm but gentle and even force on multiple strings.

RE : Bracelets are curling. by Jakebozeman last month

The same thing happens to crochet projects. Fortunately there is a technique called blocking. Take your finished project and pin it to a piece of cardboard or something similar. Make sure it is the desired shape you are wanting. Then spray it with water. You can wet it before you pin it to the board too. IDK if it would work for bracelets. But I don't see why it wouldn't.


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