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New shop help !! by trolling_925 8 years ago

I want to start selling bracelets but thing is i dont know how long should i make the braids and the bracelet itself . Plus i make all of my bracelets adjustable so i need help ! I dont want it to be too big nor too smaall for the custmers

RE: New shop help !! by elizabeth_s 8 years ago

If you already make all your bracelets adjustable then you should be fine.

A good length is 14cm for the knotted part and 10cm each side worth of braid - then you can make your braided part adjustable if you want or just leave it for tying.

RE: New shop help !! by Micaiahw8 8 years ago

Just make lots of different sizes of each pattern


RE: New shop help !! by Goura 8 years ago

An average adult wrist goes around 18-20 cms.Make 14-15 cms of lenght of bracelet,and around 10-12 cms as braid.If you want it adjustable,you can adapt the braid even at around 8 cms,for leaving less part out.


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