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I love to knot :D

Let's say it was twenty years ago that I made my first bracelet :O I make something pretty every day, I love all sorts of other crafts too. So many crafts so little time.

I love pink, and fluffy kittens. I like to watch Star Trek. I am a Eurovision superfan. I live in England with a boy.

Remember these things are just made of string until you add the friendship. It seems ironic to me that some people are too busy making friendship bracelets to talk to people and make friends.

I really like the idea that every pattern should have a picture, and should be linked to a similar pattern. If I see a pattern without a photo I always try to give it some love and make a bracelet to show how it looks in real life! :) You should too! :P

June 2014: My first 'colour scheme challenge'. I made eight different bracelets in a month with the same six colours (plus black and white as spares/accents). The bracelets are #48470, #61789, #5129, #54317, #61434, #3446, #62648, #20562.

I like to take part in swaps - check out my pictures to see what I have made :)