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Every time! by amber555 9 years ago

Every time I try to make a pattern, the generator rejects me. The last time, before i sent the pattern (I invent not copied or anything) i checked if pattern like this exist in the site, it wasn't.
what can possibly be the reason for this?
p.s: sorry about my english, I'm not a native speaker :P

RE: Every time! by Tuzyae 9 years ago

Is it the generator or the moderators?

The generator will not save patterns that are not repeating, so it is important that all the strings are in the same order at the end of the pattern as at the beginning. I've had issues when colors looked like they matched, but I didn't select the same ones and just couldn't tell on my screen. The generator wouldn't accept it because the string colors didn't line up.

If it was the moderators that rejected a pattern after you saved it, they may give a reason, but most of the time they do not. If the pattern is too simple, they'll reject it. They also may reject some that are too personal. You can try contacting the mods to see if there is a reason they can let you know. I have tried to ask before, but didn't get a response, but maybe they can/will still answer.

RE: Every time! by amber555 9 years ago


RE: Every time! by Foz 9 years ago

please check the description box on every pattern before contacting us, we usually put the reason there -- either the link to the FAQ on rejected patterns (which means it was too simple, or too similar to existing patterns), or even the pattern number or numbers of the existing patterns you copied :-)


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